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Food-Energy-Water Nexus innovations in storage for resilience

2018 Annual Meeting

The INFEWS team met in Chelan from May 7-10. The full team meeting included a stakeholder advisory meeting, and in-depth team discussions on a variety of issues. A stakeholder summary provides an overview of the stakeholder-team discussion and a description of some of the next steps that the team anticipates taking in response. We also toured Grand Coulee Dam and Rocky Reach Dam, and attended a public meeting in Wenatchee related to the Columbia River Treaty. Many thanks to those who participated, and those who graciously hosted us!

Food, water and energy resources – the rule of three

A team of researchers from the Northwest Region of the United States, led by co-Principal Investigators Drs Jennifer Adam, Jan Boll, Stephen Katz, Dustin McLarty and Julie Padowski, are working on a novel project focusing on the interactions between water, food and energy resource management to enable people and institutions to more effectively adapt to global change.

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